mesmer.stats._select_ar_order_scen_ens(*objs, dim, ens_dim, maxlag, ic='bic')#

Select the order of an autoregressive process and potentially calculate the median over ensemble members and scenarios

  • *objs (iterable of DataArray) – A list of xr.DataArray to estimate the auto regression order over.

  • dim (str) – Dimension along which to determine the order.

  • ens_dim (str) – Dimension name of the ensemble members.

  • maxlag (int) – The maximum lag to consider.

  • ic ({‘aic’, ‘hqic’, ‘bic’}, default ‘bic’) – The information criterion to use in the selection.


selected_ar_order (DataArray) – Array indicating the selected order with the same size as the input but dim removed.


Calculates the median auto regression order, first over the ensemble members, then over all scenarios.