mesmer.create_emulations.create_emus_OLS_each_gp_sep(params_lt, preds_lt, scen)#

Create local trends with OLS with grid-point-specific predictors

  • params_lt (dict) – dictionary with the trained local trend parameters

    • [“targs”] (emulated variables, str)

    • [“esm”] (Earth System Model, str)

    • [“method”] (applied method, str)

    • [“method_each_gp_sep”] (states if method is applied to each grid point separately, bool)

    • [“preds”] (predictors, list of strs)

    • [“scenarios”] (emission scenarios used for training, list of strs)

    • [xx] (additional params depend on method employed)

    • [“full_model_contains_lv”] (whether the full model contains part of the local variability module, bool)

  • preds_lt (dict) – nested dictionary of predictors for local trends with keys

    • [pred][scen] (1d/ 2d arrays (time)/(run, time) of predictor for specific scenario)

  • scen (str) – emulated scenario


emus_lt (dict) – local trend emulations dictionary with keys

  • [“targ”] (2d array (time, gp) of local trend emulations)


  • Assumptions:
    • Coefficients are the same for every scenario