mesmer.calibrate_mesmer.train_gt_ic_OLSVOLC(var, gt_lowess, time, cfg=None)#

Derive global trend (emissions + volcanoes) parameters from single ESM ic ensemble by adding volcanic spikes to LOWESS trend.

  • var (np.ndarray) – 2d array (run, time) of globally-averaged time series

  • gt_lowess (np.ndarray) – 1d array of smooth global trend of variable

  • time (np.ndarray) – 1d array of years

  • cfg (None) – Passing cfg is no longer required.


  • coef_saod (float) – stratospheric AOD OLS coefficient for variable variability

  • gt (np.ndarray) – 1d array of global temperature trend with volcanic spikes


  • Assumptions:
    • only historical time period data is passed