mesmer.core.volc.superimpose_volcanic_influence(tas_globmean_lowess, params, hist_period, *, dim='time', version='2022')#

superimpose volcanic influence on smooth temperature anomalies using aerosol optical depth observations as proxy

  • tas_globmean_lowess (xr.DataArray) – DataArray containing smooth global mean temperature anomalies to superimpose the volcanic influence.

  • params (xr.Dataset) – Parameters of the linear regression fit, obtained from fit_volcanic_influence.

  • hist_period (slice) – Slice object indicating the years of the historical period. E.g. slice("1850", "2014").

  • dim (str, default: “time”) – Dimension along which to estimate the volcanic influence.

  • version (str, default: “2022”) – Which version of the aerosol optical depth observations to use. Currently only “2022” is valid.


parmams (xr.Dataset) – Parameters of the linear regression fit to the residuals.