, esm, var, scenario, dir_cmipng)

Find filname in ETHZ cmip-ng archive.

  • gen (int) – generation (5 or 6)

  • esm (str) – Earth System Model (e.g., “CanESM2” or “CanESM5”)

  • var (str) – variable (e.g., “tas”, “tos”)

  • scenario (str) – scenario (e.g., “rcp85” or “ssp585”)

  • dir_cmipng (str) – path to cmip-ng archive


path_runs_list (list) – list of paths to all the filenames found for the given input


  • Not fool-proof enough yet for ESMs with different forcings. Could/ should be improved if there is time.

  • TODO:
    • improve and extend list of excluded runs/ ESMs for all cmip generations and variables